The Basics Of Concrete Flooring

4 March 2021
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Industrial design is a fun way to add a little bit of steel and concrete to your home or office space and give it that edge. One of the best ways to embrace that industrial style is to add in some concrete flooring.  What Is Concrete Flooring?  Concrete flooring can be done by either using the existing foundation flooring in a home or business or by actually pouring brand-new concrete over existing flooring. Read More 

Dairy Brick Repairs That Need To Be Done To Keep Work Environments Clean

15 January 2021
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The workspace of many businesses needs to be affordable and easy to clean. Today, dairy brick is an affordable and durable solution for these installations. The problem is that damage to these surfaces can make it difficult to keep the work environment clean. The following dairy brick repairs are going to be needed to help keep the surfaces in these areas clean: Addressing Issues with Floor Drainage The issues with drainage can be a problem that you may have to deal with when your floors need repairs. Read More 

3 Tips For Choosing Luxury Vinyl Flooring

2 December 2020
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When you are on the hunt for new flooring for your home, the number of available options can be overwhelming. While there are plenty of flooring materials to choose from, luxury vinyl is one that offers a lot of bang for your buck. Luxury vinyl flooring is water-resistant, attractive, and durable. It works well in almost any home and is a very versatile material. If you are going with luxury vinyl for your home's flooring, here are three tips that can help you find the right fit. Read More 

Three Decisions To Make About Your New Wood Flooring

9 October 2020
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A new wood floor adds beauty and value to your home. There are many design decisions you will need to make before installation day, but three decisions will be the most important when it comes to the quality and maintenance needs of the floor. Consider these decisions before you begin to look at all the flooring options that are available. Softwood or Hardwood At its most simple, softwood comes from conifers and evergreen trees, while hardwood comes from deciduous trees. Read More 

Three Things To Consider When Coating On Your Concrete Floor

22 July 2020
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Every floor can benefit from a coating to protect from wear and tear, concrete floors included. This kind of flooring is great for long-term durability, but a coating can make the concrete last even longer while also providing aesthetic qualities. When setting up a concrete coating for your floor, you will want to determine what coating you want, how much of the coating you need, and whether you should do it yourself Read More